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Scroll compressors

Designation. Operation in small-capacity refrigerating units and conditioning systems. Supply of compressed air, compression of various gases.

Design. Gas compression in scroll compressor takes place between two scroll elements, one is fixed and another produces plain-parallel motion with eccentric shaft and anti-turning device.

Gas is compressed in closed crescent cavities, resulting in their volume contraction on moving from periphery to center. Arising significant axial thrusts are taken by thrust radial bearings and rolling bearings.

To balance centrifugal forces, acting on moving scroll, counterweights are installed on eccentric shaft.

Scroll compressors possess high power indices, reduced vibration and noise characteristics..

Compression process takes place by the interaction of two spiral elements, being main working members of compressor. One of the members is stationary while the second performs plane-parallel motion with a small radius, equal to drive shaft eccentricity. The gas portion being compressed is moving in crescent cavities, formed by the spiral members from the circumference to the center. Finally the gas portion is forced out through the discharge port, located in the center of stationary element. Owing to the fact that the discharge area is separated from the suction area by intermediate cavities there is no need in discharge and suction valves, reliability of compressor thus being increased. Simple mechanism of the shaft rotary motion conversion into the compression process facilitates the reliability increase. Number of component parts in spiral compressor is 30% less compared with piston compressor. Along with its high reliability the spiral compressor has low noise level (about 65-75 dBa) due to its "smooth" discharge process and the possibility of obtaining a balanced structure.
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