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After-sales service

Service of the company "Kazan compressor" is engaged not in only pre-selling preparation and starting-up and adjustment works, but also serves and repairs the equipment during all term of its exploitation.

Complex of rendered services includes: 

  • Prior consultation on technical features, characteristics and complete sets of the equipment at a stage of the delivery contract signing 
  • acquaintance with active samples of equipment in a showroom or on the active manufactures exploiting equipment supplied by the company 
  • help in a choice of the optimum equipment according to inquiry of the customer and features of its manufacture 
  • delivery of equipment from warehouses in the shortest terms on uniform prices 
  • pre-selling preparation and starting-up and adjustment works 
  •  training of employees of firm-customer to skills of work with the established equipment 
  • consultation and systematic diagnostic works 
  • guarantee and post-guarantee repair of the equipment 
  •  delivery of spare parts and expense materials

All technical experts are systematically trained on manufacturers.

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